Harmony Budo’s mission is to provide a place and resources for personal, physical and spiritual development through study, amalgamation and synthesis of an ancient wisdom, classic and modern martial arts training, and modern understanding for personal and social betterment.

Harmony Budo is a place to study the many facets of the Martial Arts, but also a place to better one’s self, and the world around them; a place to develop the Way of the Modern Peaceful Warrior.

In pursuit of that goal, there are many pages available with topics ranging from Philosophy to Movie Reviews.
In time there will be a discussion forum, as well as links to interesting Martial Arts related news and events.

The intent of HarmonyBudo.com is to be a safe environment to share ideas and discussion, so therefore it is moderated.  Personal opinions are welcome, but please keep them polite and with appropriate tone.

You can find a series of youtube videos that I like for various reasons in the Martial Arts Videos thread, and favourited books and reviews in the Martial Arts Book Reviews thread.  The review levels can be found on the Martial Arts Literature page.

And something that’s new – because the situation is rather new for me – is the Martial Arts and Parenting page and thread, where I’ll be talking about different aspects of parenting, with a little Martial Arts flair and linkage…  Tying my life situation with my lifelong passion – should be both an interesting project for me a read for you!

With this, I welcome you to HarmonyBudo.com!

Things of interest

This is a ‘catch all’ sub category that covers anything that is of Martial Arts interest ranging from seminars and tournaments to blogs. General Interest

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Samurai – Miyamoto Musashi (Documentary by Mark Dacascos)

Here is a great video of Mark Dacascos travelling through Japan and visiting many of the places in Miyamoto Musashi’s life, and discussing what he has learned of the greatest swordsman to ever live… The book that he is reading about Musashi on the train is called “the Lone Samurai” (William Scott Wilson), and covers …

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A friendly duel

What I like about this video is simple – it’s a friendly duel between two martial artists. There is no actual ring, and I assume that there weren’t any issues of smack talk prior to this contest; this being simply a contest of capability.   Notwithstanding the obvious size difference between the two fighters (which …

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KFEB #31) A skillful warrior strikes a decisive blow and stops. He does not continue the attack to assert his mastery. He will strike the blow, but be on his guard against being vain or arrogant over his success. He strikes it as a matter of necessity, but not from a wish of mastery.

This entry into the KFEB is brought to you by Lao Tzu, making it Taoist in nature.  There is some paradigmatic baggage from Taoism that we won’t go into in-depth here, but will likely touch upon it. This one is rather simple, and straightforward – it’s an almost intuitive concept, but what’s interesting is that it’s not …

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