Martial Arts Literature

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Martial Arts literature is everywhere now – and almost everyone has a book out there discussing Martial Arts training, and ‘secrets’ of the masters… etc. Martial Arts cannot be learned from a book alone; you need to have a teacher walk you through the paces, and correct you along the way.  But every practitioner, from the serious, long-term aficionado to the newly interested first-time student can study these writings to find something new.

It is my hope to share some of the books that I have enjoyed and learned from throughout my training career.

As always, discussion is encouraged.

1 – This book is likely only shown due to the amount of errors or inconsistencies that are presented, and is not endorsed.  Also, sometimes books that have been posted that have material in bad taste would fall under this category.  Books that make claims for what they will cover but fall short.  Or books that have made a higher claim than what they deliver. Letter Grade – C

2 – This book has good information, although some of the presentation may be misinterpreted or otherwise misrepresented.  Overall this book provides good information on the topic and addresses what they set out to.  Letter Grade – B

3 – This book has great information and conveys the scope of the issue they wish to review.  This is good reference material and will assist the viewer with finding more information regarding the topic presented.  Letter Grade – A

4 – This book is a rare find, and holds excellent information for the level they are presenting to, IE a book covering advanced concepts, or covering fundamental concepts.  Either way, an excellent resource to use.  Letter Grade – A+

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