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Samurai – Miyamoto Musashi (Documentary by Mark Dacascos)

Here is a great video of Mark Dacascos travelling through Japan and visiting many of the places in Miyamoto Musashi’s life, and discussing what he has learned of the greatest swordsman to ever live… The book that he is reading about Musashi on the train is called “the Lone Samurai” (William Scott Wilson), and covers …

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A friendly duel

What I like about this video is simple – it’s a friendly duel between two martial artists. There is no actual ring, and I assume that there weren’t any issues of smack talk prior to this contest; this being simply a contest of capability.   Notwithstanding the obvious size difference between the two fighters (which …

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The Tea Master by bravofact – A new favourite Martial Arts Related Video

Honestly – 3.5 out of 4 Very well done; I thoroughly enjoyed this! Although, for those who know the story, the director and actors did use some serious artistic license with the interpretation, but I honestly believe this was used to great effect. For those who have never heard or read this story, Have a …

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