A friendly duel

What I like about this video is simple – it’s a friendly duel between two martial artists.
There is no actual ring, and I assume that there weren’t any issues of smack talk prior to this contest; this being simply a contest of capability.   Notwithstanding the obvious size difference between the two fighters (which may have had a bearing on the winner’s success), the fact that both were very respectful throughout the contest is testament to their respect for each other – no external referees required, and the end sentiments from both of the contestants were beautiful reflections of their shared experience.

it is obvious that the smaller fighter’s attacks had little effect on the larger, but I am curious how long the contest would have gone on if the smaller hadn’t hit his head on the wall when he tried to rush – this was the pivotal moment in the contest, where the shift was clear.

Historically, if these two were teachers of their respective arts, one would likely lose some students due to the loss of face – but they would deal with it.  They wouldn’t feel the need to pull out a gun and kill the victor, although they may change their training to be able to challenge them again… except in the points in history where the loser was determined by death, obviously.

All in all, I consider this an honourable contest, and worthy of note – thank you to both fighters for this display.


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