Martial Arts Philosophy

To make things easier, here is a link to the Martial Arts and Philosophy Posts – Martial Arts Philosophy

This page will focus on predominantly the “Eastern” Martial Arts and associated Philosophies, but will also encourage discussion between “Eastern” and “Western” Philosophy, and how these philosophies – their similarities and differences – can be applied in a modern context.

As always, discussion is encouraged.

Classic Asian Philosophers

I’ve mentioned a bunch of these guys before in my Kung Fu Exercise book breakdown, so I thought I would make a separate set of pages for each.  This page will be more of a synopsis of each historical figure, but will contain a link to a more detailed page with more history and other …

The Masters

Although I haven’t spoken much regarding the classic masters of the Martial Arts, I know that I will talk about them later; so this is just a pre-emptive strike.  This will be a “work-in-progress” page and will eventually have a short description for each, followed by a page with more detail and links to references, …

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