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Jun 22

The Complete Book of Tai Chi, by Sifu Wong Kiew Kit

To be forthright, Tai Chi is not my primary style, but I love this book.  I consider this book to be akin to Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere (another review forthcoming) as it is a reference that helps any martial artist’s background in a conceptual manner. As the title suggests, this is a rather complete …

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Aug 31

The Unfettered Mind, by Takuan Soho (17th Century CE)

If you’ve ever read the Book of Five Rings (Go Rin No Sho) by Miyamoto Musashi, and most practitioners of Japanese martial arts styles have (or have been recommended to), and want to see how Zen Buddhism can apply to Martial Arts, then this is the book for you.  I highly encourage any reader to …

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Dec 18

Book Review – The Book of Six Rings: Secrets of the Spiritual Warrior

Author: Jock Brocas Reviewed by: Admittedly I picked this book up on a whim, enticed by the allure of the title.  Considering that I’m always intrigued when an author tries to improve or modernize classics, I thought I would give this book a chance because of the curious linkage to one of my favourite classics: Miyamoto Musashi’s famous 16th century AD …

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May 28

Book Review – Becoming Batman, by Dr. E. Paul Zehr

I am not even done this book yet, and I had to write about it.  I am actually approximately 1/3rd of the way through this book and I have thoroughly enjoyed it! What E. Paul Zehr has done is taken the concept of Batman, the superhero without superpowers, and researched the possibility and potentiality of …

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Mar 11

Bubishi: The Classic Manual of Combat by Patrick McCarthy

This book is an amazing resource that I have peddled, lent out, and bought for my Martial Artist friends who are interested in the history of Asian Martial Arts. Patrick McCarthy has spent a long time researching the background necessary to compose this book, and admits up front the issues associated with such an undertaking. …

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Feb 20

Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee’s Wisdom for Daily Living

I highly recommend this book for the Martial Philosopher. Although not directly written or compiled by Bruce Lee’s notes, as it is compiled by Linda Lee Caldwell, it is almost as though it is the rough writings of Bruce Lee himself.  I say this with the appropriate reverence, as Bruce Lee is still one of …

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Feb 11

Samurai Zen, by Scott Shaw.

This is an excellent resource for the beginner who is interested in taking their Martial Arts training beyond the physical realm and into the philosophical.  The focus of this book is from, as the title suggests, the practice of Zen from the Samurai approach – the path of Bushido. In Part I, Robert Shaw gives …

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Feb 11

Martial Arts Book Reviews

More content for the site – Reviews of Martial Arts related books This category will have the same marking scheme as the Martial Arts Related Video, from 1-4. These are opinions of the books that I have read, and for the most part retain in my personal library. I will provide links to each of …

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