Book Review – Becoming Batman, by Dr. E. Paul Zehr

I am not even done this book yet, and I had to write about it.  I am actually approximately 1/3rd of the way through this book and I have thoroughly enjoyed it!
What E. Paul Zehr has done is taken the concept of Batman, the superhero without superpowers, and researched the possibility and potentiality of an average human to achieve the masterful skill set that is embodied in the character of the Batman.

The author has a PhD in neuroscience and is a Black Belt in Shito-Ryu, so he capitalizes on his education and his training to go through the physiology and the biological activities behind-the-scenes in a holistic review of the process that someone would have to go through to “become” the Batman.

Although I am predominately a spelling and grammar enthusiast for the most part, the occasional spelling mistake is okay, and there are a few in this book.  What I really enjoy is the mixed styles that the author uses when writing, and the occasionally cheesy pun or joke thrown in.  He takes an academic approach throughout the book, citing references from decades of Batman history to show the point that he is making, and truly does review the the possibility of an average human being becoming the Batman through a process akin to a thought experiment, but using a solid foundation of science and experience to ground it.

If you are a comic book aficionado, a Martial Arts geek, or someone who just wants to learn about the physiology of training and practice on the body, this is definitely a book that must find its way into your library!

Rating: 4 of 4!

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