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Samurai Zen, by Scott Shaw.

This is an excellent resource for the beginner who is interested in taking their Martial Arts training beyond the physical realm and into the philosophical.  The focus of this book is from, as the title suggests, the practice of Zen from the Samurai approach – the path of Bushido. In Part I, Robert Shaw gives …

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Martial Arts Book Reviews

More content for the site – Reviews of Martial Arts related books This category will have the same marking scheme as the Martial Arts Related Video, from 1-4. These are opinions of the books that I have read, and for the most part retain in my personal library. I will provide links to each of …

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Mindfulness in a modern world

Blog of the Month – Jan 13

The majority of this page, up to this point, has been focused on Japanese Martial Arts, history, etc.  It won’t always be this way, and this is the first step in ensuring that all Asian Martial Arts and practices are given fair representation. A friend of mine is very much into QiGong training – incidentally, …

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