No Touch KO Debunked by doinen – A new favourite Martial Arts Related Video

Before I review this video, I have to say that I have the utmost respect for Master Dillman and, yes, I do practice similar physical applications of Pressure Point theories in my studies.  Ultimately, I do not like this video – for academic and personal reasons.  I have changed the title to what it is above, having removed “Phony Karate Master” – because he is not a phoney.  Master George Dillman IS a Kempo Karate Master and should be given that respect which he has earned!  Thus, the amended title, should anyone go to YouTube directly.

To begin – Master Dillman did not teach Bruce Lee, at least not in the context National Geographic seems to posit.  What I would counter-propose is that they had a meeting of the minds. They shared knowledge – Master Dillman would teach some Kempo concepts to an already very skilled Bruce Lee, who would in turn be taught by Bruce Lee in some of his training and concepts.

Second – there is a major problem with a claim that something can be only done on those who believe it is possible.
Unfortunately, the baby is thrown out with the bathwater when someone who is as skilled as he is in Kyushu Jitsu makes the claim that they can do something that is later called into question because they cannot replicate the situation in laboratory conditions with a disbelieving participant.
As it was not Master Dillman that conducted the experiment, the question is not directly applied to his ability – but the failure of his associate (student?) does have a proximal impact on his claims.  If a highly respected associate cannot do what they have claimed, which is a similar claim to your own, then your abilities are immediately called into question.
The participants notwithstanding – if the effect can be countered by another factor, such as position of the tongue or toes, this creates a problem regarding efficacy (as this video shows – when a claimant cannot provide evidence of their claim under stressed or laboratory conditions…)
Consequently, it potentially illustrates that the key factor here is subliminal or hypnotic suggestion.
The practice of group hypnosis or suggestion is common – as the failure to believe that things can be done will generally result in either self-directed or otherwise group directed removal from the dynamic…
Also, higher levels are expected to achieve a level of experience in these same esoteric things, and thus can only be promoted to their level of ‘achievement’ by their superiors after acting in a manner that ‘illustrates’ their ‘sensitivity’.
IE – claiming to feel esoteric “sensations”, or otherwise project said understanding into a quasi-spiritual expression… which I am NOT dismissing completely.  There are, in my opinion, higher levels of understanding in the human experience, and honestly there are a lot of things about the human body that we don’t actually understand in science….

What I AM illustrating is the potential that some practitioners may be succumbing to peer pressure and group hypnosis… And no, I am not pointing fingers.  This becomes a subjective and experiential research as to whether you’re willing to believe and participate or not.

Unfortunately, and it pains me to do this, I must give this video a one Hidari Gomen Chi circle…

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