Ip Man, starring Donnie Yen.

This is one of my newest favourite movies, and is easily on its way to becoming one of my all time favourites.

Admittedly, the plot takes a lot of artistic liberties that aren’t historically accurate; I think the only thing that is actually historically accurate is that Ip Man was an expert in Wing Chun and had sons…  Other than that, the liberties taken make the man out to be a saint, but that is to be expected considering that China has recently named Ip Man as a National Treasure…

The story is fantastic, the cinematography is very well done, gives the audience the essence of Ip Man as a compassionate man with great capability, which lends itself to a great story and some fantastic combat sequences!

I highly encourage that people watch this movie, regardless of what martial art style they participate in!

Rating: 4 out of 4

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