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Martial Arts in the News

Recently I read a rather disturbing article in the news specifically relating to Martial Arts training, and I followed the “similar articles” links, which further perturbed me.  Admittedly, I am an idealist – I believe that people can be better than they are, and that Martial Arts is a very powerful path to follow toward that end.

Although I hope for the best in (and for) people, I am a pragmatist – We are human and we all fall in our lives… We learn to breakfall in order to minimize potential damage, and to get back up as fast as we can.  This isn’t just in the physical sense, because that mindset is just as effective in relationships, our work, and our ethical compass – If you fall short, do your best to minimize the negative and then get back on your feet.

SO, to that end, I have started a new page on – Martial Arts in the News – in order to bring these to light, open discussion, and hopefully see as much positive press as we may see of the other.

Enjoy, and I look forward to discussions!

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